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SnapCash is our base school offering, this allows any school to create a cashless environment with the minimum of investment, in the shortest time frame. It is branded in our own SnapCash colours but offers the full functionality of the Cyclos Connect Software As A Service, sign up is free.

Schools / Uni’s have the option of creating their own branding and web log on for parent and students bringing increased WWW exposure. Additionally the digital card can have GPS activation on smart phones allowing for location based notification of their brand to visiting schools students /parents. The internal functionality helps to stream line many aspects of the day to day running by allowing the administration access to new functions such as internal invoicing, scheduled payments and invoices, the digital market place opens up the possibilities  of  “in house” online sales of items such as event tickets, field trip tickets, stream lining what can be a cumbersome administrative process. The fact that the system is “universal” and cloud based means these facilities can be extended to visiting students / parents of all other participating schools helping to increase the use of the on campus concession outlets. Snapcash is not a POS system so you are free to use any POS that suits your environment – we recommend Vend  or Kounta and offer set up support for both.

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