Cyclos Connect PTY LTD offers an enterprise level digital cash management system for your educational or corporate environments. Our hosted, scaleable servers allow for internal payment processing in real time with the minimum of investment in hardware infrastructure. Our deployment is offered in South African Rand or US $.

Our SAAS deployment is fully scalable using automated load balanced Tomcat 7.0 servers, allowing the system to dynamically add work nodes (Processors and Ram) as activity increases keeping our response times to a minimum during peak periods, this means that all that is required onsite is an internet connected device and your in house payment system is ready to use. No downloads required, no software settings to define, just a simple web POS screen interface.

Use traditional “plastic cards” or phone based digital cards (Optical or NFC) they all work on our SAAS offering. The system has many added features that streamline administrative tasks in a way not possible before. For e.g. Automated meal allowances dispersement via weekly or monthly automated “fund transfer”. Whether your needs are for a small school, company canteen or a large university campus with thousands of staff and students, Cyclos Connect can supply all your internal payment requirements.

We can brand the digital cards in your own corporate colours and customise the software service to match, all your staff / students require is their mobile phone and their pin – your complete environment is cashless in one easy step.

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